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Yoga at Home


Dare-to-Be is a personalised one-to-one coaching journey where we create Clarity, Connection & Confidence so that you can create alignment and live an authentic life.

How does it work?

We meet in person or online. The coaching journey is 1x 90 mins session every fortnight for up to 8 session. If you're interested and want to first learn more, I'd be happy to schedule a 30-mins introductory call to hear about your needs.

Marie Giblot Ducray.png

Marie Ducray


Beyond her natural talent for accompanying people, Nadia handles her coaching tools with grace and acuity. Each session was fun, creative and reconnected me to myself..


I was at a crossroads of my life and the 3-month coaching allowed me to regain my strength and inspired me to move forward concretely.  

I still carry with me the personalised  tools she shared during coaching.


Shanone Ittoo   Entrepreneur

Amid the hustle and bustle of an entrepreneur's life, the coaching sessions created that space where I could step back and reflect in a far more constructive way.

Nadia’s unconventional techniques snatched me subtly from my comfort zone. She has the ability of being that little voice in your ears without you feeling like you’re with a complete stranger.

She’s Dope!

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