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Based in Mauritius, I have helped NGOs, Foundations and SMEs build functional and effective organisations.


My work in West African regions and the Indian Ocean focuses on HIV program evaluations, with a specialisation in key populations.

With 12 years of experience in strategic planning, team management and program development & evaluation, I enable your organisation to have a higher impact in carrying out your mission.


A series of 8 individual sessions with your managers aiming to improve their leadership skills and address issues that they are having at work.

(HRDC refundable*)


Coaching a specific team or group of people within your institution over 8 group sessions with the aim of improving team cohesion, communication, work processes and efficiency. 

(HRDC refundable*)


I specialise in: 

  • Devising strategic plans 

  • Supporting HR interventions 

  • Mapping out an organisation's internal needs

  • Evaluating programs and processes

  • Developing capacity building tools for teams.


Virginia Macdonald, WHO

Nadia worked on the development of the West Africa Strategy for Key Populations (HIV, TB, HCV & SRHR). It was important to allow honest exchange of ideas, experience and strategies within a framework of evidence based approaches as defined by the United Nations.


Nadia worked without judgement or bias, easily understood the sensitivities and cultural differences and adapted approaches accordingly.  The end result was a fully endorsed strategy by the West Africa countries and Nadia was central to the success of this work.


Nicolas Ritter, PILS

Nadia developed our strategic plan that created a high level of team ownership.  Her facilitation techniques were extremely original and enabled everyone to free their creative potential.  She was attentive to our needs and took into consideration the diversity of backgrounds of our team and clients.


Her multi-lingual skills really created enriching exchanges and we appreciated her high standards. She developed with us an ambitious and realistic strategic plan that takes into consideration the local, regional and international HIV context.

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